Finding the target consumer these days involves more than many realize. To reach consumers, it requires more than a telephone and a database. At CRG Test America we excel at utilizing innovative blended recruited techniques!

Most market research companies will recruit from tired telephone databases for a study or they will request their data collection vendors to do this for them. In many cases, this happens without fully screening or vetting the individuals they recruit. At CRG Test America, we understand the need for a large database of respondents. However, in today’s fast-paced world, a database simply is not enough. Too many phones go unanswered and email invitations are often overlooked or ignored. Today’s consumer, more than ever, are on the move and often stretched for personal time, without innovative recruiting techniques to reach consumers, you might not be reaching the segments that you need.

Nearly all pre-recruit efforts we undertake use multiple recruiting resources with a two-step screening process. Two or more of the following recruiting sources are employed: In-person invitations to random mall shoppers, e-mail invitations to targeted members of our  online panel, consisting of over 400,000 members, telephone invitations to our database of over 500,000 households nationwide and we now have a growing membership of mobile technology users. In addition to these resources, when necessary, we will even scout public areas to target the hard-to-reach individuals that might otherwise be unobtainable. We have the resources and we put them to use

Before a respondent is confirmed for participation in a project, a follow-up screening is conducted either over the telephone or via email for confirmation of both qualifications and commitment. Only then will we schedule.

What makes it possible for CRG Test America to accomplish this at a competitive price most find difficult to compete with? We have a very effective cost structure. As a vertically integrated research company, we have access to the consumers that others simply do not have without adding a layer or two of cost and complexity. We enjoy complete control over project quality, timing, and deliverables.